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Cloud Attendance Management Software

Business Rule

Attendance is calculated on a monthly basis to process the salaries and tracking attendance manually can be a cumbersome process. This pay period and attendance period can be customized and setup as per each organization’s requirement in a simple and easy way. WinHRM Cloud Attendance Management Software does end to end automation of managing, tracking and scheduling employee hours. All the 3 ways of attendance tracking are integrated, manual attendance tracking, attendance importing at month end through excel and approved attendance tracker by manager. It also works in a seamless manner with the existing biometric systems.

Any Hardware

Biometric devices can serve different individuals and organizations for better attendance management and security. WinHRM Cloud Attendance Management Software can be integrated with third party software or biometric devices. Data can be directly transferred to the online attendance management software once the attendance is captured by getting the thumb or any finger impression in to the machine. Our Online Attendance Management Software can be mapped to any such devices and hardware component. It can also track employee records like overtime, holidays and other work schedules.

Online Attendance Management Software
Attendance Management Application

Online Attendance

In today's connected work environments your employees might need the flexibility to work from remote locations or from home. With our Online Attendance Management Software your employees can easily mark their attendance from any remote location, on-shore and off-shore project sites and any on duty locations or from their homes. WinHRM Cloud Attendance Management Software captures time and attendance from any location and payroll will be processed at the month end according to the attendance captures.

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