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Employee Leave Management Software

Fully customized Leave Policies:

Online leave management system software is designed for every business like small and medium businesses to large enterprises. Cloud Leave Management Software offers complete flexible and multi-location based settings. Employee Leave Management Software provides quick way to implement HR and Leave Management Application on the cloud.

Leave Management and Planning

Online Leave Management Application helps you to customize the different leave types and set up complex leave policies for any type of industry having multiple locations in multiple countries. Leave Management Software Automates leave approval process and curtail unapproved leaves and absenteeism. Cloud Leave Management Software is user friendly Employee dashboard and the employees can check and update their self-service dashboard. Employee Leave Management System have an easy interface to apply and view leave request status and leave records. The leave planner allows administrators to set up employee information and leave types and policies attached to it easily.

Cloud Leave Management Software
Leave Management Application

Holiday Lists

For the complete financial year religion wise Holidays can be defined in the leave management application. These holidays can be mapped to different states and their branches, based on these mapping employees can get their holidays. In case a user selects a holiday by mistake which is not there in Holiday Calendar then while saving the leave application it throws the request and shows to the user. Different set of holidays, shift timings and weekly-offs schedule can be set at department, individual or local levels.

Types of Leaves

Casual Leave

  1. All confirmed employees shall be entitled for 12 Casual Leaves calculated on pro-rata Basis.
  2. Request for Casual Leave must be made and approved of (by reporting Manager) at least 2 days in advance of the leave taken to enable work planningand functioning during the period of absence.
  3. A maximum of 3 days of casual leave can be taken at a time.
  4. Casual Leave cannot clubbed with any leave
  5. Unutilized Casual Leaves can be carried forward to next year in the account of sick leavesuch un-availed CL is allowed for accumulation for one year only.

Sick Leave

Earned Leave

Encashment of Earned Leave

Procedure for earned leave Encashment

  1. Employee need to submit the leave encashment request to the H R department with their department head’s recommendation.
  2. H R Department will process the leave encashment and forward the payment advice to Accounts Department.
  3. Accounts department will make the payment subject to deduction of income tax, andadvance availed by him/her.
  4. Any kind of Leave Cannot be availed / adjusted to Notice Period.

Online Leave Management

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