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HR Dashboard

Efficiently and optimally use your workforce. Our Cloud HRM Software provides easy-to-use features for paperless hiring, payroll, timesheets, performance appraisals, HRIS (Human Resource Information Systems) and many more. Our Cloud HRM Software facilitates the management of complete range of HR functions and responsibilities. The Cloud Based HR Software is powered by core database and extensive features like employee resource management which makes administration efficient, easier and accurate. With our Cloud based HR Software, a manager can take salary and employee metrics out of spreadsheets into an interactive scorecard. The Cloud HRM Software is coupled with great visuals and graphs that can be easily accessed. The Cloud based HR Software efficiently manages the cycle of hire-to-retire through a smartly designed dashboards.

Employee Tracking and Management

Productivity tracking is the key for every business. Maximize your ROI on your human capital management by tracking productivity for each employee with designated KPI’s and goals. Streamline and automate the leave workflow of each employee through our Cloud HRMS Application. Ensure fair and punctual payroll generation each time. With our state of the art and Best Core HR Software we provide a visually engaging way to aggregate and present employee data with all the information in a meaningful way. From PowerPoint to basic database reports and from Excel spreadsheets to real-time you can streamline your data like never before. With Best Core HR Software, metrics and numbers from multiple data sources are easy to understand, view, and share. Thisagile form of data delivery sets your HR Team apart from the rest.

Cloud Based HR Software
Best Core HR Application

Oganizational Structure & Reporting Relationships

Preparing mundane paperwork is a story of past. With WinHRM Could HRMS Application now your people can be a part of HR process through interactive self-service interface. Our cloud based Core HR Software, has the best features where in a dedicated screen is available to upload the company related documents like Attendance policy, Holiday policy and Lease policy & Work culture. There is an option to modify and manage holidays. With our Best Core HR Software get automated calculations of EPF contributions of employees and efficiently manage tax calculations for each employee based on standard taxation norms.


Eliminate the hassles of unnecessary paperwork and documentation. Move to our Cloud HRMS Applications that facilitates managers with leave and attendance record of each employee with HR analysis report. Our dashboard is one of the Best Core HR Software, which helps the manager to organize employee data and HR Policies. This Cloud HRMS Application displays varied panels to access through Permissions, Leaves (Employees Leaves), Gratuity Details, Leave Deduction Rules, Attendance Rules, TDS (Employees, Admin Employees), Email, etc. These comprehensive reports give you an option to focus on your core business rather than investing time on an employee record, which is available at the click of a button.

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