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Employee Self-Service (ESS) Software is an important feature of most of the modern HRMS. Employee self service software gives the autonomy to employees to manage many different human resource and job related activity which otherwise would need a human resources personnel or management team to accomplish it. It works as an efficient tool that can help companies to save man hour costs and increase efficiency. Employee Self-Service Software empowers every employee to see and verify data related to self, like, checking approval status requests sent to various people and any other general data about the organization.

employee self service software

Employee Dashboard

Our Cloud Employee Self-Service Software systems allows employees to view payroll information and schedules related to it in the Employee Dashboard. Employees can view their leave balance details, Tax declaration details, visiting card and ID card information, Medical expenses, other bonus, gifts and welfare details in the Employee Dashboard.

Employee Info

The best feature of our Cloud Employee Self-Service Software is that it empowers employees to manage and access their data anytime anywhere. Most common feature of our Cloud ESS is it allows employees to access and change personal information such as contact information, address and banking information (though approval may be required), leave details in Employee Information details.

employee self service application
cloud ess application

Work Flows

Employee can login in to the dashboard with his/her credentials to make the requests to their superiors for approvals. Superiors will have the authority to approve/reject the requests. Post the successful implementation Employee Self Service Application companies can witness immediate surge in productivity. The Employees Database Software save man hours and labor of HR Department.

Help Desk

Employees can use this feature to find the way to reach the destination. By using help desk feature employees can access personal records, schedule tasks and access other company related information from location, it helps in saving time and gives a sense of empowerment to employees.

ess software
online employee self service software

IT Savings & Declaration

The Employee Self Service Application module provides access to employees to manage and modify multiple times the Income Tax Savings and Declarations made by them at any given point of time in a financial year. Once the final TDS amount is computed, employees are asked to submit the final amount to the government. They are also provided with the provision to upload the required documents in the actual. Consolidation of all information in one location enables WinHRM Cloud Employee Self Service Software to erode a lot of manual processes and eases information sharing between you, employees and management.

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